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April is the cruelest month...

April is the cruelest month...

April has barely begun, yet it feels like it's been filled with challenges. However, candles symbolize light, hope, and joy. Despite the difficulties, I find solace in my decent job, which helps me navigate through tough times.

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And yet...

It's tough to say, but our dear friend Cricket, also known as our Chief Nap Officer and the inspiration behind Cowboy & Cricket, passed away last week. He was an old fella, around 14 years old, but his health declined rapidly over the past month. I had to make the hard decision to let him go.Cowboy & Cricket got its name from Cowboy, my co-founder Alena's dog, and Cricket, my own. Even though both our perfect boys have passed, I thought about changing the company name. But then I realized, Cricket was such a special, brave, silly, sleepy, stinky little guy that I couldn't bear to do it.

Cricket was a rescue, 7 years old, with signs of abuse (like beebees embedded in his skin from being shot and a deep mistrust for most people). He struggled with anxiety and never fully healed emotionally. Still, I cherished the 7 good years he spent with me, loving him with all my heart. And I know he had trouble loving and trusting, but I know he loved me (and Simon, and even Stanley) as best he could.

So here's to you, Cricket, my wonderful goofball. Rest easy, buddy. I hope you're snuggled up with your pal Simon, having the best time wherever you are.

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