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About us

Officially founded in 2017, Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co. is a small business based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. We made our first sale on October 9, 2017! The subscription service launched in November of 2017.

Meet the Team

Owner, co-founder, Candlemancer Supreme


Meredith (she/they) has been making candles and other wax products since 2012. This started as a budgeting effort after a lifetime of spending too much money on candles. Each wax product in this store was made in their home by hand.

Chief Nap Officer


Cricket is a dog who kindly agreed to let us name a company after him in exchange for his CNO title. He is one half Chinese Crested, one quarter chihuahua and one quarter miniature pinscher. He was rescued in 2017 at around 7 years old.

special thanks

Cowboy & Cricket would be nowhere without the years of help and support from countless people. The deepest thanks to Alena, Loretta Santacroce (mom!), Cowboy, Simon, Cricket, and Stanley.

So much love to: Andrea & Kim, Arielle, Bowen & Bronwyn & Erin & Lori & Rachel, Byx, Cameron, Cherie, Dee, Dia, Dorian, E(lf Wife) & P, Glyneth, Hex & Bex, Hope & Davis, Kaleri, KCK, Lindsay, Loolabette & Sam, Orkchop, Rades, Rye, the Chrises.

And of course we are eternally grateful to our entire Discord, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and Facebook communities.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

<3 Meredith & Cricket

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