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Ineffable, Necromancer, and rock updates

Ineffable, Necromancer, and rock updates

Like Angels Ascending

Crowley & Aziraphale are now available in 7 oz jars! We also have them in a helpful duo, if you are in your right mind and therefore know they should never be separated. >>> Here you go!

I Can't Imagine a World Without You In It

Our beloved scent Harrow is being discontinued. First appearing as the scent of the month in November 2021, she's done a great job. There are VERY limited quantities of this candle left on its own and in its Locked Tomb Duo with Gideon. Get it before she's gone forever! >>> Shop Harrow now

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Why, That Sounds like Rock and/or Roll!

For those of you who like to get yourselves some pretty little rocks to bump yourself up to the free shipping threshold, you should know there's even more in store for you. >>> Get those rocks!


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