Spooky Scents Candle Bundle

Spooky Scents Candle Bundle

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All our spookiest scents in one bundle!

You'll Float Too:  Step into the eerie world of Pennywise with "You'll Float Too," a chilling scent that captures the essence of Stephen King's IT. Embrace the allure of the haunting atmosphere as fresh pine needles and white fir mingle, creating an atmosphere of suspense. Warm notes of clove add a touch of darkness, while the lingering embrace of patchouli, oak, and sugar pine sets the stage for a bone-chilling encounter. Amidst the unsettling ambiance, delicate whispers of rose and lily of the valley emerge, dancing upon a strong musk background, reminding you that in Derry, fear lurks around every corner.

Midnight Mass: A hint of spearmint and leather bind this distinctive fragrance together, adding an element of intrigue and seduction. The camphoraceous blend of herbs, lavender, and aromatic woods awakens the senses, while sage, rosemary, and chamomile evoke the earthiness that lies beneath. As the scent journey deepens, sandalwood and cedar emerge, their essence reinforced by clove, lavandin, and cedarwood essential oils.

The Midnight Society: Gather 'round the flickering fire and join The Midnight Society as we unveil a fragrance that echoes the chilling tales of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Inhale the crisp, cool air as ozone merges with refreshing mint and invigorating eucalyptus, surrounding you with an otherworldly ambiance. The essence of camphor, cypress, cedar, and sage incense wafts through the darkness, filling the night with an alluring blend of spice and mystery. As the stories unfold, notes of dry woods intertwine with the scent of sealed books and unopened trunks, adding an enigmatic depth to this olfactory journey. Step into the realm of shadows, where spine-tingling adventures await.

Devil's Trap: As the flame dances, a cozy fire crackles, enveloping the air with warmth and a tantalizing hint of smoke. The scent of wood and clove intertwines, evoking the rugged landscapes they traverse and the battles they face. Deep within, amber and patchouli emerge, their earthy notes adding depth and intensity to the fragrance. With each breath, the essence of sea salt lingers, a reminder of the sacrifices made and the endless journey that lies ahead. "Devil's Trap" is a sensory portal into the world of Sam and Dean Winchester, capturing the essence of their resilient spirits and unyielding dedication. Embrace the power of the supernatural and let this evocative scent guide you on an extraordinary adventure, where darkness and light collide in a battle that echoes through eternity.

Scent notes: amber, black sea, cinnamon bark, clove bud, clove leaf, cumin, dark musk, eucalyptus, fireside, grapefruit, mandarin, mentha leaf, patchouli, pine, sandalwood, salty oceanic accords, smoke, sweet orange, warm union of clove, wheatgerm, wood.

Essential oils: cinnamon bark, clove bud, clove leaf, cumin, eucalyptus, grapefruit, mandarin, mentha leaf, sweet orange, wheatgerm.

I Want To Believe: Unveil the truth with "I Want To Believe," a scent that captures the essence of The X-Files, delving into the realms of the unknown and the enigmatic. Just like the mysterious depths of the universe, this fragrance begins with a captivating pear blend, its sweetness mingling with mid notes of apricot, nectarine, and jasmine, forming a celestial symphony that ignites intrigue. As you embrace the scent, a base of vetiver, patchouli, and vanilla emerges, creating a captivating aura reminiscent of hidden truths waiting to be uncovered.

The Upside Down: This dark and hypnotizing scent is as bingeable as a certain spooky show itself. Let it take you on a journey through a dozen notes combining to form a dark and sweet fragrance. You'll find notes of creamy vanilla and rich amber with undertones of sandalwood and musk. To top it off, we add blackberries blended with melted amber, notes of dewberry, red raspberry, jasmine, light caramel, heliotrope flower, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, and musk. Complex, but to die for. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cedarwood oil.

Reader Beware: Brace yourselves for a spine-tingling olfactory adventure with "Reader Beware," a scent inspired by the eerie tales of the Goosebumps series. Feel the shivers run down your spine as the delectable essence of cool lime sherbet casts a mysterious chill in the air. An orange blend of citrus dances playfully, swirled with creamy vanilla, conjuring a spellbinding aroma that's both sweet and spooky. With each inhale, you'll be transported to the haunted pages of R.L. Stine's imaginative world, where thrills and chills await at every turn. Prepare for a deliciously frightful experience, where goosebumps are the order of the day, despite the summer reading. 

We Are The Weirdos, Mister: Unleash your inner witch with "We Are The Weirdos, Mister," a scent inspired by the mystical world of The Craft. Deep and enchanting, this bewitching fragrance blends the aromatic essence of teakwood, cedar, and leather, invoking the energy of ancient spellbooks. Earthy notes of sandalwood, dark musk, and patchouli infuse the air with a mystical aura, while the lingering whispers of amyris, musk, and moss evoke the mysterious depths of a magical forest. Embrace your power and let this spellbinding scent guide you on your witchy journey.

Each of our candles is hand-poured in Albuquerque, NM and feature a scent recipe crafted just for our customers and found nowhere else in the world. They’re made in tiny batches with sustainable, natural soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils and reusable tins.